About Heilig Group

Industrial companies need innovative, effective customized systems to ensure the continuity of production processes based on a project orientated approach. Machines, installations and equipment are essential for the processing of raw materials to create more valuable products.
Heilig Group is a group of companies offering creative solutions and state-of-the-art services for various industrial sectors worldwide.
We offer our knowledge and solutions within the fields of engineering, manufacturing, assembly, project management and maintenance of machines, equipment and installations.
We specialize in customized solutions in the fields of mechanical engineering, process technology, recycling technology, heat transfer technology and electro-technology.

incinerator bottom ash sorting

Our experience proves that a suitable solution is a customized solution. This demands a flexible and creative knowledge implementation in order to achieve successful results of the technology offered to our customers. The success of your industrial process mainly depends on the fact whether a technical design is in line with:

– customized working methods
– work environment
– reliability
– payback period
– sustainability

Markets and industries

systems for transshipment of dry bulk material

Transhipment of dry bulk material

Systems for the transport, storage and conveying & loading of various means of transport.

processing solutions


Separation of waste streams for the recycling of unusable materials which can be used as fuel for waste energy plants. Besides this the recovery of valuable material from bottom ash.

Viridor, a recycling, renewable energy and waste management company in the United Kingdom, owned by Pennon Group. Heilig Group responsible for build, delivery and maintenance industrial equipment. Plant is located in Glasgow, Schotland.

Waste management and recycling

Processing, sorting, separating, classifying, washing, reducing or recovering of valuable material.

plastic recycling solutions

Plastic Recycling

Separating plastic from mixed waste flows and washing and separating of various types of plastic. The end products are clean plastic flakes or granulates which can be used as basic material for the plastic processing industries and clothing production industries.

slag / bottom ash processing installation

Bottom ash / Slags

Processing of bottom ash from waste incineration or slags from steel production processes. Main goal is the recovery of metal, non-ferrous metals and valuable minerals.

waste energy plant


Processing, sorting and separating of waste wood material and manufacturing pellets as sustainable fuel for waste energy plants.

tubular heat exchanger - toluene evaporator

Production of biogass

Heat exchangers for drying, filtering and heating of biogases for CHP installations and industrial boilers.

Geurts DJI_0192 edit

Recovery of waste heat from flue gases

Flue gas heat exchanger that recovers heat from flue gases (emissions) for reducing energy consumption, costs and emissions. The heat can be reused and transmitted for useful purposes.

Industrial mixers for the production of foods, chemicals, pharmaceutical products,

Processors of powders and pastes

Industrial mixers for the production of foods, chemicals, paint, pharmaceutical products, plastics, minerals and metals.

processing machines for ores and coal

Steel production

Steel producers use conveyor systems and processing machines for ores and coal. We supply various machines, electrical installations and systems for heat recovery from flue gases.

solutions in electrotechnology

Construction sector

The Heilig Group supplies electrical installations for utility and infra in the construction industry. Projects include automation, machine control, process installations, lighting, fire detection, PV installations and low-voltage installations.

electrical solutions for agricultural sector

Agricultural sector

In the agricultural sector we offer electrical solutions such as climate control systems, process control, fire detection, lighting, PV installations, low-voltage systems in company buildings, machine control, electrical cabinets and process visualization.

wood working machines


Forest industry sawmills use machines for rounding and profiling, post and pole peeling, processing, sharpening, sorting, conveying and sawing of wood.

solutions for conveying, transhipment and the processing of raw materials

Mining / Extraction of raw materials

The Heilig Group offers various solutions for conveying, transhipment and the processing of raw materials at mines and quarries. Machines for reducing, crushing, sieving, sorting, washing, conveying, loading & unloading material.


Dredging companies – Maritime contractors

Our machines are being used for dredging waterways, land reclamation, hydraulic engineering, cleaning surface water and for stone dumpers to cover sea cables and pipelines. Also for the processing of bulk material such as sand, gravel, shells, granite and other types of stones.


Manufacturing companies

We supply a lot of technical solutions for manufacturing companies that deal with production processes where raw material is converted into valuable products. We supply machines, specialized equipment, heat exchangers, electrical installations and turnkey process installations.