Recycling & waste processing

Systems for processing, transporting, sorting, separating, washing and recovering of  materials from various waste flows. Solutions for waste sorting companies, waste-to-energy waste incineration and recycling companies.

Bulk material handling

Solutions for conveying, transportation, sieving, mixing, reducing, washing, drying and processing of raw material and dry bulk material. For production processes where material is converted into valuable products or where transhipment takes place.

mobile screen for coal
industrial mixers installation

Industrial mixers

Specialized in the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of industrial mixers with a capacity up to 75,000 litres. Mixers for mixing, homogenisation, cooling, heating, coating of powders, pastes and granulates. Also for injecting liquids or storage of complex loadable products.

Heat exchangers

Industrial heat exchangers for efficient use of energy and heat recovery. Tailor-made designs and fabrication of heat exchangers. From thermal engineering, up to fabrication and delivery of the equipment.

air preheater system Geurts
electrical solutions for industry


Electrical installations for the industrial, agricultural and construction sectors. Engineering, project management, installation, implementation, and maintenance of all types of electrical installations: buildings with low-voltage installations, control systems for machines, process visualization, lighting systems, climate-control systems in the agricultural industry, fire detection systems or solar panels.

Wood processing machines

Designing and building machines for processing wood from the forest industry. Specialising in saw mill machines and processes such as rounding, post and pole peeling, sorting, transporting and sawing of wood.

wood processing machines
operational management and maintenance


The Heilig Group does not only design and install machines, installations and equipment, but also offers exploitations and maintenance solutions. In this way we offer a whole concept of solutions in engineering and production, but also the operational management, maintenance and our investment options for a long-term cooperation.

Manufacturing and production

Our production facilities throughout Europe manufacture and produce machines, equipment and complete systems. We operate under the required quality management certifications, welding quality certifications and CE markings on constructions, machines and pressure equipment.
The facilities are equipped to manufacture customized products, for assembly and the application of coatings onto small and larger products.
Processing of various types of carbon steel and stainless steel, as well as the assembly of hydraulic, electro-technical and pneumatic systems. The machinery includes sheet-metal working, cutting and assembling, welding, lathes and cutting machines and paint spray cabins.

production of belt conveyor
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