Our special division Heilig Mixing Technology is specialized in the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of conical mixing systems and other industrial mixers. Besides new mixers, the division also provides for servicing for all types and brands of industrial mixing systems including maintenance, repair and modification.

Take a look at some of our project references.

manufacturing of conical mixers

V-mixer type 10.000-PLOR

Capacity: 10.000 ltr
Stainless steel cone, stainless steel swingarm

repair and maintenance of industrial mixers

Repair of mixer swingarm

Overhauling and repair of swingarms, regardless the brand

industrial mixer conical mixer

V-mixer type 120-VDR

Capacity: 100 ltr
Stainless steel cone, mild steel swingarm
Including ball segment valve with PU liner. PU coated mixing screw

spare parts machine service

Parts and spare parts for industrial mixers

Most important spare parts on stock. Particular components can be produced immediately at our manufacturing department. Typical wear parts for the conical mixer are quickly available:
– mixing screws blades
– various types of pintle bearing
– wear parts of the discharge opening
– gear wheel sets of the swing arm
– claw and arched bow couplings
– gear wheel sets for the worm wheel box