I have a technical background and 12.5 years ago I started as a draughtsman for NM Heilig in Heerhugowaard. I work on a lot of bulk handling projects. It is always a challenge to combine different systems in order to create a smooth product flow. I work with AutoCad or Inventor and work independently, but whenever I need advice I can ask one of my colleagues. My designs are taken into production which means you can see the machine working in its natural habitat .

The machines and systems that we design have to process a lot of raw materials and, consequently, are subject to wear. If a machine is damaged, you sometimes need to go to the customer and find a way to repair it or to improve the design. I am most proud of one of my first projects at Heilig: a mobile loader. The customer was satisfied and we were assigned to make more of these loaders. We have created even better and more improved loaders which resulted in three additional loaders for this customer.

At Heilig our work is project-based and different colleagues are involved, including engineers, project leaders, mechanics and experts from the production plants. There is an open atmosphere, you can easily talk to everyone.

Rob’s advice for new colleagues:
If you do not want to get dirty or if you have vertigo you should consider not to work at Heilig. When visiting certain customers means wearing an overall and can involve standing at 65 – 98 feet!

Things you need to know about NM Heilig:
Every year there are several colleagues who organize a number of (sports) activities. In January or February a group of NM Heilig colleagues go on a long weekend ski-trip. And there are a number of colleagues who go on an annual mountain bike tour on the island of Texel.