I have been interested in technology since I was young. My father works as a sales director for a technical company and I knew from a young age I would like to work in sales as well. I studied mechanical engineering at an intermediate vocational level and later obtained my Bachelor in mechanical engineering.I have been working at NM Heilig BV in Heerhugowaard for 4 years.

My working week is variable. In my function as a Sales Engineer I make technical drawings, quotations and calculations for new machines and installations. I also visit customers on a regular basis. During the week I work on various projects of customers and encounter all kinds of processes. Each customer requires a different approach. Sometimes customers have their own opinion, but I can often emphasize that NM Heilig’s expertise provides the most suitable solution. That is your actual task as a salesman for this company. I like the variation. One day I am at an on-site facility in my orange overall and the next day I will be having a meeting with directors and discuss an installation of a few million euros.

There are various aspects in my work and I am learning every day. I keep on developing myself. The last few years I took a course, but it is difficult to find the right course that completely connects to my work. If I wish to continue studying I will have to mention this to my supervisor.

Koen’s advice for new colleagues:
You need to be sociable and flexible and show a lot of consideration to your colleagues. When it is quiet on our department, the atmosphere is relaxed. When we have a deadline everyone makes an extra effort to meet this deadline. We work independently, but help each other whenever needed. You need to be flexible and precise, because you work on a lot of different projects simultaneously.

Things you need to know about NM Heilig:
The open organisation and relaxed atmosphere characterize this family business. Consequently, everyone is available for a talk. You are allowed to express your opinion and ideas freely. When you explain your opinion clearly your ideas will certainly be noted.