Employee stories

Good ideas are always welcomed.

I have been working at Beemster since 2002. I’m an electrician and my workweeks vary. On Thursdays we receive the work schedule for the coming week, but, if necessary, the schedule can be adapted. If we have a project abroad you are informed well in advance as sometimes you will be working abroad for a couple of weeks. (more…)

Bas Rijkenberg
Electrician at Beemster

New colleagues easily blend in with the group.

Two years ago I read an the advertisement for the position of Mechanical Engineer at Geurts in Leiden. First I was doubting whether to apply or not, because I am interested in moving parts and heat exchangers are rather static. During the job interview I discovered that these products are full of technology and knowhow. (more…)

Youri Jansen
Mechanical Engineer at Geurts

I like most to play an advisory role and to emphasize the expertise of N.M. Heilig B.V.

I have been interested in technology since I was young. My father works as a sales director for a technical company and I knew from a young age I would like to work in sales as well. (more…)

Koen Montijn
Sales Engineer at N.M. Heilig

You must like to puzzle.

I have been working at Geurts in Leiden since 2017. I am a Sales Engineer / Thermal Engineer. I studied Chemical Engineering in Pretoria, South-Africa, which is similar to Chemical Technology in the Netherlands. (more…)

Annica Posthumus - Meyjes
Sales / Thermal Engineer at Geurts

Colleagues organize various trips every year.

I have a technical background and 12.5 years ago I started as a draughtsman for NM Heilig in Heerhugowaard. I work on a lot of bulk handling projects. It is always a challenge to combine different systems in order to create a smooth product flow. (more…)

Rob Schrijver
Senior Engineer at N.M. Heilig
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